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Antimicrobial Products

This coating contains 10% by weight silver sulfadiazine a potent, well documented silver antimicrobial. This coating can be diluted in silver content by adding the Hydrophilic coating,or other coatings described here that are considered useful. Graphic representation of data with ecoli show 4 log reduction in colonization after one week in the Bacterin flow test.

The electron micro-graph shown is for a different antimicrobial system in staph Aureus showing the biofilm developing after 4 days on uncoated cellulosic and unattached bacteria (an anomaly of the glutaraldehyde fixation process) on the coated surface.

sAureus 4 day incubation study

Antimicrobial-coated Foley Catheder

Generic Examples

Bacterin – Covalent Antibacterial Attachment – one step

Samples were prepared of a covalently bound antimicrobial hydrophilic coating which were then dip-coated on a PU tube and tested in a simulated urological test at Bacterin. The time to total biofilm growth was about 1 day for uncoated silicone, 4 days for the commercial silver coated control, and over 7 days for the Surface Solutions silver coated tubing.

Efficacy is maintained through prolonged dynamic bacterial challenges. Biofilm growth is avoided.

Research data and clinical studies

SSD Antimicrobial Coatings

Anti-Infective Coating for Medical Devices

Infection resistant coatings minimize the risk of device-associated infection and may provide long term benefits for implantable devices. A clinically relevant in-vitro biofilm test model was developed for analyzing bacterial adsorption and viability.

For urology applications, clinical isolates taken from urinary tract infections of the pathogens; E. coli, E, faecelis, C. albicans, P. aeruginosa, and S. aureus and grown to steady state in separate continuously stirred bioreactors. Inoculate suspensions of each pathogen were diluted to approximately 1.0 x 10 3 CFU/mL in artificial urine, and allowed to contact 100 mm 2 test coupons of the finished form of the anti-infective coating in a once pass over flow cell bioreactor. The test coupons were analyzed by; confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) utilizing a viability stain, scrape and plate for overnight incubation on R2A agar, and quantitative PCR.

Source: www.bacterin.com

Results presented are for E.coli on an antimicrobial loaded catheter utilizing a dual loaded silver compound/antimicrobial peptide on a sustained release platform. The coating can be incorporated onto a variety of medical plastics and shows a 4 log reduction over a current anti-infective technology for 7 days.

Guy S. Cook, Bacterin Inc.A presentation to ASAIO 2001



Antimicrobial SSD Patented Coatings

The product is supplied as a kit with crosslinkers for improved strength and adhesion. See Instructions for use for mixing instructions.

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