7 coating options
3 available sizes
4, 12, or 32 oz.

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  • Products

    Please choose from one of our many product lines. Each of our products is custom tailored to meet each client’s specific application requirements, and they are available in both non-patented/uncrosslinked or patented/crosslinked versions to suit your individual needs and budget requirements.

    Hydrophilic Hydrophobic, Dry Slip Block Resistant Basic Drug Delivery Antimicrobial Antithrombogenic

    We can help you develop your medical device by providing:

    • Coatings for your use.
    • Coated samples for evaluation.
    • Choice of patented,* or non-patented product lines.
    • Coating services for your prototype or clinical devices or subcomponents.
    • Coatings and processes, supplied for your in-house use.
    • Consulting services for process technology transfer.
    • Custom design or modification of coatings for specific performance or process requirements.
    • Pretreating recommendations and services for maximum coating performance.

    * Patented systems use crosslinking agents to bind the supporting polymers to each other for better strength and resistance to solvents, sterilizing materials, heat, and body fluids. Crosslinkers also bind to functional groups on the surface to improve adhesion. For drug delivery applications it is possible to bind and immobilize pharmaceutical agents to the surface, allowing for sustained release or surface immobilization.




    • No CDA/NDA Hurdles
    • No Licensing Fees
    • No Royalty Costs
    • Proven technology
    • Water-based coating
    • Ambient Cure — does not require high temperatures, which could affect proteins or other heat-sensitive bioactive additives or substrates.
    • Flammability is usually not an issue with water-based coatings.
    • Workers love the low odor compared to conventional solvents.
    • Coatings are generally less hazardous to employee health and easier to handle.
    • Lower energy requirements — the specific heat of water is higher than most solvents customarily used, but it will not require the venting in cleanrooms that is required with conventional solvents, thereby reducing the need for clean, heated (humidified) makeup air.
    • Versatile line of coatings that will complement all your product lines.
    • Coating facilities and applications methods to address all your problems and needs.

    * If you are experiencing problems with the application of these products, please contact us for coaching, or consider utilizing our engineering services to prepare initial samples for your evaluation.