7 coating options
3 available sizes
4, 12, or 32 oz.


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  • Let our safe, easy to use, and eco-friendly product line help you with all your coating solutions!

    We supply coating technologies for all substrates of the device industry. We provide products for use with commercial medical devices throughout the United States and the World, without the usual hassles of CDA/NDA hurdles, licensing fees, and royalty costs.

    We can help you develop your medical device by providing:

    • Coatings for your use.
    • Coated samples for evaluation.
    • Choice of patented or non-patented product lines.
    • Coating services for your prototype or clinical devices or subcomponents.
    • Coatings and processes supplied for your in-house use.
    • Consulting services for process technology transfer.
    • Custom design or modification of coatings for specific performance or process requirements.
    • Pretreating recommendations and services for maximum coating performance.

    Patented technologies exist for:

    • Sustained release one-step coating: US Patent Pending
    • Hydrophilic Coatings for plastics and metals: US Patent 6,866,936 (2004)
    • Multi-Component Complex for Use with a Substrate: US Patent 6,683,062 (2004)
    • Hydrophilic Coatings for plastics and metals: US Patent 6,238,799 (2001)
    • Sustained Release Coatings for long in-dwelling implant devices: US Patent 6,096,726 (2000)
    • Abrasion and scratch protection of sensitive surfaces: US Patents 5,599,576 (1997), 5,766,158 (1998)


    Surface Solutions Laboratories, Inc. is the holding company of seven U.S. patents. SURFACE SOLUTIONS LABORATORIES® coatings are based upon the proprietary technology of Surface Solutions Laboratories, Inc. Coatings2Go, LLC is a licensee of Surface Solutions Laboratories, Inc. technology. Visit us at www.surfacesolutionslabs.com

    Contact Us: Coatings2Go, 399 Concord St., Carlisle, MA 01741
    T:  978-369-7411      l      F:  978-371-9940      l      EMAIL US